Emelia Symington Fedy

Emelia Symington Fedy


Emelia Symington Fedy is the first certified AcroYoga teacher living in Canada. Her goal is to build a strong and playful kula connected across the country.  Emelia graduated from the Saltspring Centre of Yoga (Classical Ashtanga with Baba Hari Dass) and studied thai massage with Asokananda's Sunshine Network in Chiang Mai Thailand. Emelia's classes include seeing the highest in each other, practical safety, building strong fundamentals and gathering together to play. Honored to be part of this family, she is in service to spreading the love. Through AcroYoga Emelia has learned that anything is possible. If you want a class taught in your area please feel free to contact emelia@acroyoga.org




Vancouver BC


Terrace, BC


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