Paula and Amy share a passion for teaching and introducing YOU to AcroYoga (and they were also born on the same day, so the magic is ). They will teach you everything you need to know before going to an acro jam to be able to contribute positively, safely, and creatively!

Here's what we'll cover: 

  • Acro ABC's / terms and shapes  
  • “Getting into our bodies" /  yoga/embodiment
  • Principles of counterbalancing / leaning pouring receiving weight 
  • Safe Spotting
  • Foundational poses as a base/flyer/spotter
  • Transitions! In flight
  • Intro to Lunar Therapeutics and Healing Arts
  • Inversions and training tools to take with you into your community


  • a desire to learn and improve at AcroYoga

Join Matt Worley  & Stefanie Glasenap for a healing journey through the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The day will start with a warm up ZenThai Flow Asana sequence and Partner Yoga. We will then dive into each Element exploring the qualities and learn a short (15-20min sequence) designed to balance that Element. The focus of the workshop series is introduce tools, techniques and gestures to provide movement based therapy to heal & balance the body.

This is a hands on workshop, where you will first see a demo then get to practice both giving and receiving each sequence  


  • Some familiarity or basic experience with bodywork / Thai massage

If you love to perform, or you want to learn how, this workshop is for you!   

In the first half of the day, you will learn select adagio moves and transitions that can be applied directly to performance acrobatics.  We'll also offer you exercises to help you find your character and learn how to convey different emotions to your audience.  As a group, we will play with formations and transitions that can be applied to a group piece.  In the second half of the day, we will create choreography for a group performance that YOU will take to the stage for performance Saturday night!


  • Standing: Bird, Side Star, Walking 2-high, some hand to hand
  • L-Basing: comfortable with pops, transitioning from pose to pose, hand to hand, foot to hand

Remember those things called washing machines?

They use to be cool, before whips and pops showed up. Well, we plan on diving deep back into the womb of acro creation to bring you intricately beautiful washing machines that will leave you and your audience saying, “I want more!”


  • Four-Step
  • High Barrel Roll

Flip your acro universe upside down.

Drawing from Capoeira, Circus Acrobatics, Biomechanics, and Contact Improvisation, you will come away from the morning with new perspectives in flying and basing like the boss you were born to be. These tools, from a Professor of Movement (*actually a movement professor, not just a cool slogan - though that would make a cool slogan), will reframe the acrobatic task, relationship, and pathways to discovery and success.

In the afternoon, we’ll take what we rocked in the morning, and apply those bossy principles to some BossyAF acro! We will rock bicep stand variations & washing machines, F2H-based bossyness, get GoofyAF, and finish with bossy the way it was intended - creating original performances.


  • Fly & Base: Star, Side Star, Reverse Star

*Material will be accessible for intermediate students, with variations to challenge more advanced practitioners.                                                                                **This day-long workshop includes jokes, quotes, and a whole lotta bossy.

Heard of AcroGasm?

If you have not heard of AcroGasm - you have not been doing Acro long enough to come to this day long.  If you have heard of it - you know it is full of somewhat appropriate innuendo, challenging reach-arounds, and the occasional struggle  to turn flaccidity into erection.  (we are talking acrobatics here people).  

We'll be spending time with a few of our favorite under appreciated AcroGasm moves, a few of the classics, and even a preview of what is to come in the future. (pun intended).

We're going deeper this year...

with new swings and tempo’s to high positions and dynamic dismounts as well. We’ll work in duos and double duos. We’ll offer the proper technique in order to transfer the flyers with tempo’s and smooth passages through a fair variety of positions: jumping, rolling, tilting, folding, swinging.

We like to make you flying to hand to hand, foot to hand or head, high shoulder stand by dynamic lifts, including heal pitch, toe pitch, wrist swing and inlocate.

The tricks will be both on intermediate and on advanced level. We’ll offer basic exercises for all moves and positions. We divide the necessary technique in parts that can be exercised separately, focusing on essential details.

Our target as always is working in a light and convenient way: less force - more technique.


  • Lift to 2 high
  • Experience with Hand to Hand

Learn to lift, spin, stand and balance.

This pose is a dynamic combination of standing poses with a fun spin to get flyers up and bases to have full control.
Bases will feel empowered and strong to catch and move your fliers.  Flyers get the launch you need to control your moves


  • foot to hand for 30 seconds 

The Hand to Hand was once your end goal, but now it’s your beginning.

Stability in the H2H opens up the possibility for countless new skills, movements, and tricks. Using the basic/familiar L-Basing and Standing H2H approaches as a starting point, we will study and integrate mechanically advantaged postures and movements to facilitate exploration of some dynamic entries and exits. Expect popping, tossing, spinning and more! How to spot these movements will be taught as intentionally as the movements themselves.

Prerequisites (without spotter contact):

  • Consistent 5 second L-Basing H2H
  • Consistent 5 second standing H2H

Rome wasn't built in a single day and neither are dynamic acrobatic skills!

If you are interested in learning WHAT IT TAKES to up your level, then look no further. Duo Die is here to show you how they break down Icarian skills into manageable pieces.  Combining the physical with an analytical approach, they will focus on straight/tempo/continuous throws, linking skills together and understanding your roles in dynamic movement.  This workshop is not for the faint of heart, it is for those with the desire to take the efficient , but difficult, journey into higher level acrobatics.  Come and train the Icarian essentials with Duo Die.


  • Partner Required 
  • Able to throw between Bird and Throne with full release without a spotter
  • Ready for and capable of 6 hours of Icarian training

In the form of a structured, guided jam, this workshop will challenge you physically while tipping you into silliness. Work your technique and inadvertently create … through Jill and Heidi’s favourite acroyoga games culled over 6 years of collaboration.


This is an opportunity to take your skills and apply them in a whole new way, to return to a beginner’s mind, freshen up your approach and play like you’ve never played before.

If you practice acroyoga, you need this workshop. If you teach acroyoga, you need it even more.

Level: Experienced Movers of all Backgrounds

Prerequisites: 2 or more years’ experience in AcroYoga or related movement disciplines. Attentive and embodied spotting.


Join the Gravity Lab!

Jason Nemer, Matt Fields-Johnson and Elizabeth Overton are teaming up for an epic day-long workshop of dynamic acrobatics. In the gravity lab you will learn how to chuck your partner with elegance and ease.

Dynamic skills are about listening, training smart and knowing the progressions. Our goal is to make skills accessible and then challenge each team at their level. We will be training entrances and exits to hand to hand and foot to hand, passing the flyer, tempo jumps and more.


  • 1-2 Partners
  • Standing Hand to Hand
  • Base Squats 5 times (consecutive)
  • 15 second hold with no walking   

This is an advanced workshop. If you cannot perform the pre-req you will be asked to join another workshop.