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This class is an ALL levels class, everyone is welcome*

This class is taught mostly by Esther Hertog and AYFit teacher Arjan van Oostwaard and several other teachers; each teacher brings in its own expertise, exercises and own created washing machines.

The acroyoga journey, is a playful way to enhance your own practice through partner work.
 Acroyoga is a community-based practice that encourages personal transformation. Acroyoga invites you to experience the full spectrum of your being through opportunities to: give and receive; support and be supported; experience strength and sensitivity. It is a systematic approach to health and healing designed to be accessible for every practitioner. The best part is that it is fun to do and fun to watch.

* If you want to try AcroYoga for the first time we advice you to go first to the beginners class at rasalila, every Thursday evening.

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