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Learn to teach AcroYoga in the Land of Smiles! Bangkok is our next destination... moving, connecting, and playing amidst the hustle and flow of one of the greatest cities on earth in one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia.

Carolyn Cohen will be leading this Bangkok AYI Teacher Training with AcroYoga co-founder Jason Nemer. AYI Teachers Marc Bauchet and Roj Sangkasaba will also be in support, to achieve the personalized 8:1 student/teacher ratio that allows for you to have an incredible experience where your questions are fulfilled, and skills honed under the attentive energy of the AYI Teachers. We can’t wait to have you with us.

Full Training & Certification, price: $2,495
Act now! Price will increase to $2,995 on Jan 1st.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience includes:
* Two meals per day (breakfast and lunch)
* AcroYoga Teacher Training instruction for 10+ hours each day
* AcroYoga Teacher Training manual
* AcroYoga Teacher additional benefits complimentary for a year*
* Certificate of Completion*

This non-residential training does not include accommodation. Each student is responsible for selecting and booking their own accommodation. Once you are accepted, we will support you through a private Facebook group so you can meet and arrange accommodation with your future flight partners and teaching colleagues.

*Certified Teacher benefits and Certificate for students who complete the full Training and certification.

Can't make the whole training?

AcroYoga International encourages work-life balance. If you can't get away from home for the whole Training and certification, you’re in luck. We’ve set this training up in a modular form to give you more flexibility. You can take the first module January 23-30, and complete the second module this summer in Berlin, or in the future at another one of our global modular trainings. You will build community across the globe, while balancing your life at home.

Module 1 only, price: $1,295
Act now! Price will increase to $1,495 on Jan 1st.

As of January 1st, rush pricing will apply. We strongly encourage you to apply before then so we can register you in enough time to take advantage of this pricing. 
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