Welcome to AcroYoga Immersion

Thank you for your interest in joining an AcroYoga Immersion. These 30-hour gatherings are an invitation to deepen your relationship to yourself, your fellow students, and to the practice of AcroYoga.

There are three types of immersion:

  1. Elemental Immersion
  2. Lunar Immersion
  3. Solar Immersion

We recommend that you attend Immersions in the order listed above to build the strongest foundation and receive the most out of your experience.

What you can expect from the Immersions:

  • Learn progressively in a safe, supportive environment
  • Refine and expand your understanding & embodiment of the practice
  • Receive guidance from highly experienced and passionate AcroYoga teachers
  • Build community with local and international students
  • Celebrate the joy of play
  • Gain tools for honest & compassionate communication
  • Learn how to use relationships as a mirror for self-reflection and transformation
  • Release perceived limitations and explore your highest potential

Elemental Immersions

Lunar Immersions

Solar Immersions