Teacher Training Philosophy

Thank you for being interested in becoming an AcroYoga teacher! We are honored to support you as you step into your power as a community leader and teacher.  The best way you can prepare is to study and practice the content in the Elements of AcroYoga manual also the Solar and Lunar DVD. Completing the 3 immersions, Elemental, Lunar & Solar will give you a foundation that will support your time at the teacher training to be focused on you learning teaching skills not content. We will give priority to students that have completed the 3 immersions. We feel that this Teacher Training is truly the highest offering we can give and it requires the highest level of dedication, devotion and passion from prospective applicants. Please see bellow for the upcoming TT dates and locations as well as the requirements to attend.

If you have any questions about the Teacher Trainings send us an email here: teachertraining@acroyoga.org

Now accepting applications for 2016

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The application fee is NON_REFUNDABLE

2016 Schedule


GERMANY AcroYoga Level 1 Teacher Training | August 16th to August 31st 2016 with Oliver Chamorro, Almuth Kramer, Pascal Weis and Jason Nemer. 

Join us for 15-days of learning, embodiment, community and practice on how to teach the AYI curriculum in a safe and fun way. This training will be hosted at "Seminarhaus Shanti“ of the Yoga Vidya Ashram in Bad Meinberg, Germany. Housing options include camping, dorms, shared and private rooms. Prices range from $3200-$4500 USD. Tuition covers: 10+ hours a day of instruction, AYI Teacher Training manual, 3 vegetarian/vegan meals each day and lodging.

Chalananda, Mexico AcroYoga Level 1 Teacher Training | Oct 17 to Nov 1st 2016 with Bonnie Argo and Mimi Nuñez. Jason Nemer will be there for part of the training as well.

This training will be taught in English only.

Join us for 15-days of learning, embodiment, community and practice on how to teach the AYI curriculum in a safe and fun way. This training will be hosted at the beautiful Chalananda retreat site just outside of Guadalajara. We have been at Chalananda for many trainings and we love it.  Housing options include camping, clamping, shared and private rooms. Prices range from $2500 to $3750 USD. Tuition covers: 10+ hours a day of instruction, AYI Teacher Training manual, 3 vegetarian/vegan meals each day and lodging. 

Formación del Profesorado AcroYoga en Chalananda, Mexico | 17 de Octubre al 1 de Noviembre 2016 con Justin Caruso y Coni Guevara. Jason Nemer estará por parte del entrenamiento.

Este entrenamiento sera en español únicamente.

Acompañanos durante 15 días de aprendizaje, comunidad y la práctica de AcroYoga para aprender cómo enseñar el plan de estudios AYI de una manera segura y divertida. Este  tendrá lugar en el precioso lugar de retiro Chalananda, Mexico. En las afueras de Guadalajara. Las opciones de vivienda incluyen camping, glamping, bungalows, dormitorios y cuarto privados. Precios son de $2500 a $3750 USD. La matrícula cubre: 10+ horas de instrucción diarias, manual de entrenamiento AYI , hospedaje y 3 comidas vegetariana cada día.

Applications will be accepted for each training individually on a rolling basis.


We have several key requirements that we feel are necessary you have before you attend the Teacher Training. We need you to be an experienced and proficient yoga teacher to begin with. We also need you to have a very good knowledge and embodiment of the AcroYoga curriculum. This is why we ask for a 200Hr certification as well as at least 2 Immersions under your belt, The TT is geared towards giving you the tools to teach the AcroYoga curriculum in a safe and consistent manner. The TT is not an advanced AcroYoga Training.

The pre-requisites are:

Certification of a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training or equivalent.
Completion of at least 2 Immersions, priority will be given to students that have completed all 3 (Elemental, Lunar and Solar). Each Immersion offers at least 30 hours of in depth study of AcroYoga methods and progressive practices.
The Immersions must be 2 different types: i.e. Elemental + Lunar, or Elemental + Solar. It is recommended to take Immersions in areas where you have less formal experience or training.
Additional 50 hours or 2 years of studying with certified AcroYoga teachers (In any form of Classes, Workshops, Series, Privates, Conferences, & Festivals)
Contact time, minimum of 50 hours each in Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage or another Healing Art.
Teaching experience in yoga, massage, acrobatics in a formal group setting for at least 1 year.

Recommended Ongoing Training

1 minute free headstand
30 seconds handstand against the wall
At least five (5) of each with good form; push ups, downdog pushups, v-ups & hollow body rocks
Base & Fly Levels 1 & 2 of all Therapeutic Flying Flows
Comfortable with Supine Level 1 Flow
Own and have seen both the Lunar and Solar DVD
Own and have trained all the content in the Elements to AcroYoga manual
Review the elements of the Manual on a regular basis
Commitment to Self and Community

If you live where there are certified Teachers: take classes, join the community and eventually offer to assist the Teachers that inspire you. Becoming an AcroYoga Teacher is a step to be taken with great care, enthusiasm, and receptivity. We are looking for people who are excited to share this work as part of their life path. As you dedicate to your personal practice, the next step is to commit to sharing your joy and knowledge with your community.

Timing & Patience

The more time you have spent with the practice the more prepared you will be to teach it. Preparing for the Teacher Training is a dedicated process that can take take a year or more. There is no rushing growth and we encourage you to enjoy the journey of learning about the infinite practices of Yoga, Acrobatics and Healing Arts as they are each rich and bountiful.


AcroYoga is about relationship at its core. Our intention, through the Teacher Training process, is to have established a personal relationship with every applicant who comes to the training. Building a relationship with a solid foundation takes time so the more that we see you in Classes / Workshops / Immersions, the more we can grow together and allows us to offer you feedback while supporting you as you progress and grow.

Application Process

The application process is designed to help you become more clear in your intentions of becoming a teacher and to help us see the holistic picture of who and where you are. Submitting an application lets us know that you are interested in becoming a teacher and opens a dialogue. If you have met the pre-requisites, please feel free to apply and we will start a conversation about how to move forward together.

The Format of the Training

The 2 week residential intensive format is designed to be a concentrated transformational experience. Class is held from 7am-10pm most days with a packed schedule. You will be immersed in the practice with an international community of extraordinary people, often in some of the most beautiful places in the world!

The training is focused on sharing the art of teaching and co-teaching, rather than learning the practice. We trust that when you arrive at the training you have already thoroughly embodied all of the foundational components of the practice. Much of our time at the training is spent in small groups where you will practice co-teaching sections of material. Each small group is facilitated by one of the teacher training staff and everyone practices giving and receiving constructive feedback.

The Experience

During our time together, you will be seen, reflected and supported to expand into the fullest possible expression of who you really are. You will gain tools for communicating clearly, while creating honest and compassionate co-teaching relationships, which is the heart of AcroYoga. Our greatest hope is that you depart from teacher training with these teaching tools and a better understanding of who you are, what your offer as a teacher, and how to create community everywhere you go.

Join the Family

Becoming an AcroYoga Teacher connects you to a worldwide tribe of healers that love to play and create community. When you complete the teacher training you enter into a global family of metta monkeys! With 500+ certified teachers worldwide, you will tap into the resources of an international network of colleagues, playmates, and co-collaborators. After completing the level one teacher training there are many doors that open to you around the world.

Thanks for your interest and passion!