Exploring the body on all levels; anatomically and energetically, and finding the deeper meaning of body/mind/spirit connection was fascinating Dieke’s since she can remember.

She became profesionally a movement therapist, and from there started the deepening journey into the meaning of the emotional, spiritual and psycholigical processes through studying Meditation, counselling, Thai Massage, AcroYoga,  Women’s work, Yoga and nutrition.

Over the last years Dieke’s main focus has been with Thai Massage and AcroYoga, which she has been passionately sharing and teaching for at least 8 years.

It is a great blessing for her to share all her most loved practices blended in the form of Yoga that involves Partnerwork, Massage and AcroYoga.


This all with the goal of finding more sincere happiness and deeper fulfillment within ourselves.

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