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Jaqui has an asana yoga practice that spans in excess of 15 years and as a result has accumulated many many hours of self practice and training and has been influenced by several teachers and styles. Despite this experience she still see's herself as a student and is constantly learning new things in her practice and through her students. 

Her current asana influences are Dharma Mitra,  Forrest Yoga & Tripsichore and has also been hugely influenced by recent training into myofasia movement, drawn from Tom Myer's Anatomy Trains; which supports and legitimises, anatomically and physiologically, the nadi, sen and meridian energy lines in the body and how that applies to a fully functioning body, thereby marrying up her work in Thai massage and healing arts.   

Since being certified as and AcroYoga teacher in 2006, she has been a complete convert to this practice and as a result has been studying partner acrobatics for the past five years, first starting as a flyer and for the past two years switching into a base, despite her size being at times a disadvantage.

Jaqui has a dynamic and at times challenging yet playful teaching style.  She loves exploring and mixing practices together to get students into their bodies as well as supporting and collaborating with each other.  


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