I always had the need of expansion, traveling and seeing the world with my own eyes. I loved nature since a was i girl and i got into trekking, hiking and cycling. At that age i could already feel how clear and centered i could feel when breathing fresh air with awerness and been far away of the civilization. After i finished my studies in sociology i left home and i started a long journey that was not only around the world, also toward my soul. 

I discovered yoga ten years ago and since then i started an endless path of transformation and purification of my body, mind and soul. My love for yoga took me to India and i have spent about five year going there to study and experience yoga beyond the physical practice, expand my  consciousness and explore different ways and techniques of spirituality and body works like vipassana meditation, tribal fusion belly dance, ula hoop dance, massage and astrology . What was in the beginning a kind of exercise turned to be a life style, the more i deepen into my physical practice, the more a can connect with my true nature. The more flexible my body gets, the more flexible my mind gets. I had such a deep and positive change in my life that i wanted to share it and helps people to be happier so i did my first yoga teacher trainning with David Lurey in Brasil and then my second with the Rainbow kids yoga. Now i regularly teach yoga classes in different centers and institutions and put my heart on it. I learn so much from my students and i have the feeling that i'm on the right path.

I discovered Acroyoga on a beach in the south of India and since then i totally fall in love with it!! It was i great revolution in my life that allowed me to take the purity and integrity of yoga to a collective level on a playfull and funny way. I love connecting people and creating a joyfull and healthy experience in which they can work and connect with their bodies and with other beens. The whole way to become an Acroyoga teacher was and amazing experience, i really enjoyed every immersion where i met long life friends and great teachers that inspired me so much. 

I just came back to Santiago de Chile, my home town, after nine amazing years of traveling and we are building a beautiful community here, is an amazing and challenging project and very motivated. I ready to share all i learnt on my journeys.

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