Since completing her AcroYoga teacher training in Barcelona 2013, Nicola delights in introducing people of all walks of life to the practice. She gets a real kick out of the genuine surprise and delight that many experience from realising that they too can fly! 

Currently based in the Netherlands, she enjoys teaching personalised workshops all around Europe. Additionally, Nicola offers 'one to one' Acroyoga and 'Lunar' therapeutic sessions. This includes partner stretching, therapeutic flying, massage and coaching. Her welcoming presence and gentle yet deep touch supports students to quickly feel at ease, instilling confidence. 

Nicola loves teaching and travelling. Recently she has had the honour of teaching the first Acroyoga workshops in Iran! From an orphanage in Romania, to the slums of Nairobi and even at the men's prison. Nicola has experience within special needs education and loves how AcroYoga can allow people with physical disabilities to experience their bodies in a whole new way.

Her playful nature also expresses itself in theatre, music and performance ~ Nicola works as an actress, drama teacher and loves to make music, complimenting her Acro yoga work.

This year she looks forward to broadening her practice through working with pregnancy and birth. She will train to support women in their amazing transition to motherhood ~ through yoga and community building.

"I love the community building aspect that Acro yoga supports and how the practice compliments my acting, drama teaching and theatre making work. The playfulness and strength of acrobatics combining with relaxation and connection in therapeutics is such a mix of deliciousness - that everyone can enjoy and I mean everyone!"

Feel free to contact Nicola for more information and check out her page

[email protected] 

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