To me AcroYoga is a big smile about the past,
the future and the present moment.

My background is yoga, dance, street performing and some circus and theatre. It has always been about creativity, movement and spirituality expressed in different ways. When I found AcroYoga it was like when meeting someone that you feel an instant connection with as if you have already known eachother a lifetime. Deep familiar love at first sight. Since then all the different paths I have walked make more sense and the interconnection between it all is more clear.

My relationship to practice different kinds of arts is based on a spiritual search. And related to human creativity, transformation, evolution of potential and most of all it is related to having fun and play together, express and generate all the positive things in this life. I like to think of the creative process as a human manifest of the force that creates cosmos. So I make a bigger emphasis on practicing art in different ways than on performing it. And that further leads me to wanting to share by teaching.

I know yoga is something much much more, but I also want to sweat and challenge my body with yoga. Aswell as sing, dance and play with yoga. Inspire, laugh, share beautiful moments, look deeper, be more authentically creative and find a deeper, more stable and honest state of joy, compassion and love. Meet people and the world with yoga. I just wanna heal the world like a tiny flying fairy with a mighty energy force. I think AcroYoga is the perfect vision for that.

I would guess that the first yoga experience was when I was around 11 years old and from many directions at the same time. Books, classes and projects in school as well as dance classes, theatre classes and so on. 'Yoga-related' material just kept appearing more and more in different contexts. But it was not until 2008 that I realized that I want to dedicate myself to yoga and that yoga was in fact the only practice I had dedicated myself to with regularity for the past 10 years. So it has been a very gradually growing interest. Since 2002 I mainly practice Satyanada Yoga (Bihar School of Yoga - The last couple of years I have followed my curiosity on yoga leading me to a diversity of experiences. I feel very grateful to be exposed to such a vast and playful variety of expressions of yoga from the very traditional to modern fusion styles. All growing from the same root of deep inner essence painted in colourful ways.

I live and teach together with my wonderful co-teacher Boris.

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"Yoga is the essential need of today 
  and the culture of tomorrow."
    Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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