Nicole Markoff

marketing | branding

Nicole Markoff joined AYI this year as the lead for product design, retail, and wholesale projects.

She brings her design and business knowledge, and will accept all invitations to fly.

You can view her work in fashion and art practice at

Amy Impellizzeri

festivals | AcroFit

Amy Impellizzeri is the AcroYoga Festival Director for the 5th year and the AcroFit Program Director and Lead Trainer. Amy is Senior AcroYoga teacher, an immersion teacher and a full time nomad. She  believes that adventures in AcroYoga can be nourishment for a changing world.

Amy is a passionate, engaging teacher and is known for her nurturing, challenging and fun teaching style.

Amy likes to ride bikes, climb rocks, do handstands, go to the beach & hug.

Find her schedule of adventures at

Rahel Ben-Cnaan

chief executive officer | teacher support

Rahel is a certified yoga teacher, passionate entrepreneur, moon dancer, and bridger of worlds. Since 2008, she has worked in the fitness industry helping instructors build successful careers.

In 2011, Rahel fell in love with AcroYoga after a serendipitous flight at a park jam. She is thrilled to support the growing community of AcroYoga practitioners around the world.

Jason Nemer

co-founder | chief visionary officer

Jason is the Co-Founder of the practice and the company.

His vision leads the development of the practice and is responsible for the level of teachers certified at all levels.

When right side up Jason enjoys making music, cooking and beach-ocean time. is where you can find out more of what makes him tick!