The Base-ics:

AcroYoga is a dynamic practice that elevates you and your friends (or soon-to-be friends) through movement, connection, and play. It combines acrobatics, therapeutics, and yoga.

Taking flight with AcroYoga instantly dissolves fears and invites you to tap into new and infinite possibilities of communication, trust, and union. It’s an experience for all ages, sizes and levels. To read more about it, click here.

Ready to Fly?

Join one of our masterful certified Teachers for a class, workshop, or other event to learn AcroYoga with safety, integrity, and most of all pure FUN.

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The Base-ics:

AYFit is an acrobatic fitness program. It’s designed to build smart, toned, and coordinated muscles in a FUN (and safe) way.

Using bodyweight exercises and acrobatic techniques you will challenge and educate your muscles. In just 45 minutes to an hour, you will engage in acrobatic, strength, circuit, and flexibility training. To read more about it, click_here.

Ready to Fly?

Join one of our certified AYFit Trainers to try this exciting new program and get ready to Elevate Your Fitness.



The Base-ics:

JAMs are gatherings where everyone is welcome to discover and explore the AcroYoga practice. They are led by certified AcroYoga Teachers or JAMbassadors (Teacher-endorsed community leaders).

Sharing the AcroYoga practice in an informal and casual way, offers you the freedom to explore aspects of the practice that are interesting to you. To read more about it, or if you’re interested in becoming a JAMbassador yourself, click here.

Ready to Fly?

JAMs are often found in parks and other outdoor areas. Join one of our JAMbassadors and get ready to flip your perspective.

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READY for More?

Take your practice to the next level by diving in to an Immersion or Training. You will be safe, have fun, and be moved. At AcroYoga International we offer you the highest quality programs that build your practice on strong foundations. Whether you’re just starting to fall in love with the AcroYoga practice, or you’re already head-over-heels, we know you’ll find a Training that loves you too!