Love AcroYoga and Group Fitness? AcroFit  is for you.
AcroFit strengthens the community as we strengthen ourselves. AcroFit is the social fitness innovation that combines strength training, cardio endurance, and flexibility with the partner work AcroYoga is known for. Build smart, toned, and coordinated muscles in a safe, fun & progressive environment.
Our success is measured by how skillfully & efficiently we support people. AcroFit is a balanced, progressive training for body, mind and spirit. Currently, there are over 600 AcroFit trainers globally who will cut your work out by two thirds through interactive partner exercises that are EQUIPMENT FREE!
The deeper stuff… AcroFit maximizes muscle confusion strategies in conjunction with progressive overload, body weight, and compound exercises to produce remarkable, safe, and sustainable results. Our progressive four-tiered circuit-based program appeals to fitness beginners and advanced practitioners alike, as well as trainers and elite athletes.
 AcroFit Training Certification Schedule  
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