Black Lives Matter

Dear community,

The pain and outrage that is being felt throughout the world is not only a result of the murder of George Floyd, and of many others who have lost their lives to racism and police brutality, but also of centuries of systemic racial injustice and oppression.

We feel you. We stand with you. We are here to listen.

We acknowledge that AcroYoga and the western yoga culture has been predominantly white. That it may often feel uncomfortable and unsafe for black people to join these communities, both nation- and world-wide. Like many of you, we are hearing the wake up call and asking ourselves how we can take action to actively support our black community.

This week, we will be sharing content from black acroyogis on our social media pages and joining in the effort to #amplifymalanatedvoices by making space and highlighting this underrepresented part of our community.

We will also be donating 100% of the sales of all our online courses to Black Lives MatterNAACP, and Campaign Zero. You can purchase any of them for half the retail price with the code acroyogaathome (or, choose to pay full price and double your donation).

* from now until June 14. Total sales will be split equally among the three organizations.

This is just a start.

There is still a lot more work to be done.

We are starting by asking ourselves these questions, and invite you to do the same:

What are we doing to ensure our practice spaces are safe and inclusive for black people and all POC? How can the AcroYoga practice be used as a tool to aid the healing of the pain of victims of hate and oppression?

To our black AcroYoga community: we welcome your ideas and stories, always. Tag us! We are committed to amplifying your voice, image, and cause. We are committed to continue using our platform to highlight black voices and inspire the world to be more connected.

We recognize that conversations around racism can be challenging and sometimes uncomfortable, yet we believe they are important to have. Educating ourselves is the first step in welcoming change and growth. Here are links for more information and ways to take action: 

Ways to support

Educational resources

Where to donate

AcroYoga is more than an organization: it is a lifestyle, a practice, a community. Safety and Inclusion stand at the top of our Core Principles. Let's work to create a more safe, inclusive, and just world.

A world in which people of all colors can move, connect, and play.




Jun 6, 2020