Foot-to-Shin for Beginners

Wondering what AcroYoga pose is best for beginners? Curious about flying or offering a flight to a friend?



Foot-to-Shin is one of the best poses for beginner bases because it requires very little leg flexibility from the base. It’s also easy for flyers. 




The Base Foundation 

Lie on your back, ideally on a yoga mat or on top of a flat and soft surface.

Once you’re on your back, bend your knees towards your chest, and reach your hands up to support the flyer. Keep your arms straight, thumbs parallel and fingers facing away from each other. When the flyer stands up, your hands will move to support the outside of your knees as you draw your legs in. 


The Flyer Foundation

Make sure your thumbs are facing each other with your fingers facing forward. Grasp your base’s hands. From this "reverse hand to hand grip", step your foot on top of the base’s shins — hence, “Foot-to-Shin.”

Here is where you, as the flyer, must control you own balance and ask your base to adjust based on your body needs. Adjustments can include the base squeezing their legs in and raising their feet so that the shin lifts the flyers heels above their toes.


Make It Fun, Keep It Safe

It’s important to keep your beginner AcroYoga foundations fun and safe. Here are three ways to do that:

  • Use a spotter: your spotter should stand alongside the flyer and the base as they move into the pose. 
  • Experimentation: Foot-to-Shin has many different variations that you can play around with to deepen your practice.
  • Create win-win situations: The way to get the most out of your flight is for both people to win! When it comes to AcroYoga, winning takes clear communication, active listening and having fun. 


Interested In Learning More? 

Sign up for our online Foundation Course or find a Foundation Course near you. From step by step video tutorials to words of encouragement from co-founder Jason Nemer, you’ll have everything you not just to fly for your first time, but to soar through your lifetime. Click here to get a free sneak peek!


Apr 30, 2019