Friday, October 5th



1)  AcroYoga 101: Setting You Up For Success

Mary Aranas + Chris Loebsack


Empower yourself for AcroYoga success this weekend and beyond. Learn to flow through transitions with grace and ease. Build trust and communication while celebrating the joy of the AcroYoga journey. We will sample both the acrobatic (solar) and therapeutic (lunar) sides of the practice, cultivating balance in body, mind, and community.

Skills You Will Learn:


  • ABC’s of AcroYoga Body Positions and AcroYoga Vocabulary

  • Principles of Alignment, Spotting, and Safety

  • Inversion Progressions and Training Techniques for a Lifetime

  • Introduction to Acrobatics: Foundational Poses as a Base/Flyer/Spotter

  • Flying Transitions

  • Introduction to Flying Therapeutics and Thai Healing Arts

Prerequisites:   Willing to learn and to support others in learning!

2) Biomechanics, Anatomy, and Physiology for Acro

Dr. Jaimie Harrow, Physical Therapist

All Levels

It’s time to up your level - not with a new trick, but with a new understanding of how bodies work and increase your practice or teaching skills. We will explore essential joint biomechanics, strength and conditioning fundamentals, neurology, injury patterns, the research behind flexibility, and more - all geared towards increased efficiency, increased capability, and injury prevention. This workshop is beneficial for all practitioners interested in getting the most out of their bodies and teachers looking to take their instruction to a far deeper and more informed level. If knowledge is power this workshop is steroids.

Prerequisites: None



 3) The Art of Zenthai Shiatsu Gwyn Williams

All Levels/Therapeutics  

Zenthai shiatsu on the surface is the integration of Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage, and osteopathic techniques. However, below the surface is where the real juice is found. How to touch?   Ways to move? 

Where are you focusing your intention and attention?  Are you relaxed?

If this is a conversation between two ..what are you really listening to?

Pressure points for tonification of  deficient areas

This daylong will truly magnify the potential of assists in a yoga class whilst igniting an innate joy, yearning to use your hands as extensions of your heart.




4) Montréal pour tous  

Heidi Blais and Jill Campbell


Known for being unorthodox and expressive, Montreal Style also incorporates yogic principles to support the practice with breath and alignment. Join Senior AcroYoga Montreal teachers Jill and Heidi, known for their precision, to discover techniques that live just outside the box and challenge body and mind. A day with these ladies will leave you intrigued and buff.  


5) Introduction to Standing Hand to Hand

Christine Moonbeam  & Aaron Lind


Spend the day with Aaron and Christine of LIFT School of Acrobatics training: a tried and true path to standing hand to hand. If you’ve been wanting to get on the road to having a ton of fun with standing hand to hand skills, this is the day long for you! The day will be thorough, and we’ll cover everything from solo work for bases and flyers to grips, body alignment, balance skills, and proper movement mechanics. This day-long will give you a significant degree of experience in class, and more importantly, it will teach how to train safely in your home community.


Prerequisites: 1-minute handstand belly to the wall, safely attempt free handstand without a spotter, cartwheel, roundoff, 1-minute L-Base F2H on bent and straight arms, 3-5 second L-Base H2H (preferably jump in) 1 minute Standing F2H, and Standing Cathedral (trio). Partnerships are highly encouraged in this day-long training.


6)  Secrets of the Circus

Nathan and Isis of @standingacrobatics are coming straight from Cirque du Soleil's ‘Crystal' to bring you their day-long workshop: “Secrets of the Circus’. This is an intermediate to advanced daylong. Over the course of six hours we’re going to look at what makes Circus so unique and so amazing: the creativity, the art, the physicality, the training philosophies and of course: the technique.

Over the course of six hours you’ll learn the fundamentals of acrobatics and tumbling and how they apply and transfer to high-level hand to hand. We’re going to put the ‘fun’ into ‘fundamentals and the ‘harder-than-i-thought-but-very-rewarding-and-helpful’ into ‘acrobatics and tumbling’.

We’re also going to be teaching you some of our own unique ‘acrobatic choreography’, these aren’t necessarily tricks and they aren’t dance they’re what happens when dance and acrobatics meets. The skills are beautiful, complex and wonderful to look at, and we’ll show you how they work.

The last of our secrets will be our foolproof technique for Inlocate to Hand to Hand (and high Hand to Hand if you’re ready). Throughout the day we’ll also be talking about mobility, strength, and handstands and how it all comes together to create some spectacular.




7) Performance Daylong Intensive

Cassie Drew, Ryan Hamity & Ryan Madson


Roughly half our day will be spent workshopping dynamic partner and group skills, and the other half will be spent constructing, learning, and rehearsing a group act set to music for the Saturday night show. Together we will develop impressive group movement, detailed musicality, and fluid transitions within a short and action-packed narrative.

Prerequisites: Ninja star, four-step, as well as knowledge of a handful of other washing machines (with closed eyes a plus), headstand or handstand with the ability to flex feet and point your toes, comfort walking in 2 high with multiple partners, standing side star, standing bird, flag, solo strength drills: 30 second plank, 45 second hollow body hold, 60 seconds of finger flicks.


8) Get Bossy: Acro Re-Imagined

Ezra LeBank


In the morning we will flip your acro universe upside down. Drawing from Capoeira, Circus Acrobatics, Biomechanics, and Contact Improvisation, you will come away from the morning with new perspectives in flying and basing like the boss you were born to be. These tools, from a Movement Professor (actually a movement professor, not just a cool slogan - though that would make a cool slogan), will reframe the acrobatic task, relationship, and pathways to discovery and success.

In the afternoon, we’ll take what we rocked in the morning, and apply those principles to some Bossy Acro, including shapes, progressions and machines. We’ll finish with bossy the way it was intended - creating original performances.


*Material will be accessible for intermediate students, with variations to challenge more advanced practitioners. Prerequisites: Fly & Base: Star, Side Star, Reverse Star 

9) Slackro: The Art of Duo Balancing

Raquel Hernández and Sam Salwei

Intermediate/ Advanced 

In this daylong intensive we will explore the foundations of slackro and how they differ from traditional acro.  Through this process, we will be able to share with you our favorite acro moves and how they can become a little extra spicy by transforming them into Slackro.


Slackro or duo balance calls on the constant balance and non-verbal communication between partners. It is a way to move with freedom and ease. The ultimate partner calibration. Come to learn what is all about.

Prerequisites: 30 sec Free Star/ 30 sec Foot to hand/5 sec x Low Hand to Hand/ 6 clean jumps into Reverse Star in 1 min


10)   Dynamic Hand to hand & foot to hand

Tom Mörtl  & Ayla Moes

Advanced/ Expert /Acrobatics

What we teach:

  • H2H and F2H - Basics of dynamic lifts and throws

  • Tricks in H2H and F2H (entrances, transitions, dismounts)

  • Cool flying tricks  One arm and knot handstands


Prerequisites: standing h2h 5 seconds, standing f2h on long arms or tempos/straight jumps

max students: we are comfortable to teach 30 - 40 people.

11) Sports Acro and Recovery: Playing the Long Game
Meglena Petrova  and Jason Nemer


Train hard, smart, and learn how to recover so you can train for many years. We will go through L Base calibrations to prep for hand to hands, foot to hands, and dynamic transitions. We will train similar skills with the whole group, offering modifications depending on your level. We will train two-thirds acrobatics, one-third recovery. The recovery will depend on the needs of the group but will be the smartest easiest and most effective tricks I know. We will address wrists, shoulders, lower back and more.

Prerequisites: Come with a partner, Standing Hand to Hand, Desire to learn recovery