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*** summer-break ***  until september. check out FB: Reka YOGA for some outdoor pop-up classes or jams in summertime.
beginners very welcome! intermediate practitioners will also find new poses, transitions and washing machines. 
get a solid foundation for your practice. 

Focus and Flow
According to the principle of Ha-tha yoga (sun & moon / active & passive yoga postures), in AcroYoga there can be distinguished between active and passive flying aswell. The solar and the lunar practice complement each other perfectly and culminate in a holistic experience, enhancing self-expression and self-realization. 
The practices thaught in class may vary in proportions & can inlcude:
 - new perspectives in general and refinement of your practice
 - the art of spotting and safe practice
 - refinements in stability, (flying) postures and transitions
 - advanced washing machines
 - progressive approach to counterbalances and/or standing acrobatics
 - advanced therapeutic flying 
 - landing with well deserved thai massage flow
Join us and give your monday evening an uplift!
"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." /George Bernhard Shaw/
No partner necessary. Please register in advance through INspiral circus center or FB: Reka YOGA.  
Bring a yoga mat if you have. 
2900.-Ft  pay as you enter
questions, info: [email protected]
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