Thai Massage Training

with Sarah Yovovich and Sonia Peltzer

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Learn to give a full body massage that's therapeutic for the giver, too!

2 Weekends, 12pm-6pm March 4/5 and March 11/12

March 4-5: Full Body Metta: Supine and Sidelying
March 11-12: Deep Listening: Head & heart, and abdominal massage

Hollywood Boulders

-Principles of touch
-Supine, sidelying, and seated sequences
-The four aspects of love
-Anatomy and postural alignment foundations

Fulfills 25 of the 50 hour healing arts prerequisite for AcroYoga Teacher Training as well as the Thai Massage requirement for the Sarahpeutics 5 Element Thai Massage Training. 

BOTH WEEKENDS: $450, or $350 when you register by 2/18/17
ONE WEEKEND**: $250, or $200 when you register by 2/18/17
JUST SATURDAY 3/4/17: $150, or $125 when you register by 2/18/17
(**second weekend requires consent of instructors/prior Thai experience)
Includes instruction, written manual, online videos, and feedback on homework (2 hours practice time with feedback forms, after each weekend)

To register, email [email protected]


Sonia and Sarah have been joyfully teaching AcroYoga and Thai massage together since 2010.

Sarah has been a practicing massage therapist and yogi since 2004. Her original training focused on deep tissue work for injuries and chronic pain. In 2009, she fell in love with the profound efficiency and gentleness of Thai massage, and its unique design to be healing for the giver. She believes world peace would manifest if everyone practiced Thai massage!

Sonia discovered Thai massage in 2007 and says that it is the most useful thing she has ever learned. Since then she has traveled to Thailand, Laos and Europe studying with many renown teachers whose work is influenced by Osteopathy, Shiatsu and Cranio-Sacral. She is very passionate to share the gift of Thai massage and enjoys the dance and meditation of this peaceful practice.

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