October 6th Saturday (more detailed list of classes below)

7:30am Doors open/Check-in 

8:15-8:45am Yoga

9:00-9:15am AcroFit  Group Warm Up 

9:15am  Opening Greeting 

9:30-11:30am- Session 1

11:30-12:15pm Mini Sessions 

12:15-2:00pm Lunch

2:00-4:00pm Session 2

4:15-6:15pm Session 3


8:30 pm Performance 

October 7th  Sunday (more detailed list of classes below)

7:30am Doors open/Check-in 

8:15-8:45am Yoga

9:00-9:15am AcroFit  Group Warm Up 

9:15am  Opening Greeting 

9:30-11:30am- Session 1

11:30-12:15pm Mini-Sessions 

12:15-2:00pm Lunch

2:00-4:00pm Session 2

4:15-6:15pm Session 3

6:30pm Close


Saturday Session 1   9:30-11:30am 

1 ) LavaFlow   Eddie Salguero, Chris Johnson & Amy Impellizzeri


Learn your first washing machine! It will be taught progressively, with multiple options to co-create ease. Flow like lava with the aloha vibe.  Prerequisites: some basic acro moves & the desire to link them together 

2) Acrobatic Dance Lifts    Angela Bryant & Kraig Mead


In this class, we will break down the fundamentals of dance lifts. You will learn fundamental poses, the nitty-gritty of tempo and timing, and the appropriate way to share weight in dynamic movement. We will do this all while focusing on grace and ease. Bring dance and fluidity into your acrobatic practice.Prerequisites: comfortable in two high, a designated partner, an understanding attitude, and the desire to be challenged!


3) Bob Marley & The Whale Divers   Sarah Kat Clark  and Alex Fennell


Like to whip and pop, but unsure of how to link them together? Then come check out this fun class where we will be instructing you on how to Whale Dive - a skill that goes straight from an Icarian pop into a whip! We will be breaking the skill down into a series of steps that will make it accessible and safe for those who are comfortable with the prerequisites.

Prerequisites: Swan/Muff Dive, Icarian Pop Throne to Bird


4)Oh Baby Baby!    Susie and Nosa Edebor


Get ready to push it real good! Join Nosa and Susie in this session that explores, celebrates and calibrates Baby Hand to Hand.  We will work various entrances into Baby hand to hand as we build an original washing machine. Don't let the name fool you - this is one is not for the kids.

Prerequisites: Back plank, Side star, Star & Foot to hand

5) Standing Acrobatics    Ariel Mihic & Liz Williams


As a similar-sized female duo, we've had to break down the walls of tricks that seemingly involve only strength to get those higher-level skills. If you are a similarly sized partnership or find that "push harder" doesn't lead to faster success, or if you like technique and finesse over brute and brawn, come train with us! We’ll play with unique entries to tricks such as arm-to-arm, high shoulder stand, high bird, high side star and more, in a way that’s approachable and fun.

6) Cycles    Lux Sternstein


So you know a lot of washing machines? Do some of them make you giggle? Do some of them make you fall? You know that feeling when everything gets quiet and you move seamlessly from position to position over and over and in a viciously positive cycle? Yeah, that feeling. That’s what this class is all about.   Prerequisites: corkscrew, ninja star, boomerang, monkey frog


7 )  Counter Culture  Danny Smith &  Aniane Smith

Acrobatic / Intermediate

Tired of going with the flow? We have put together some of the most fun counterbalances, and have added some silly transitions to tie it all together. Both base and flyer will be challenged in this unique counterbalance sequence.

Prerequisites:   Base or fly free shoulder stand, side star, biceps stand.


8)  Freedom    Jason Nemer


There are always more points of support to free yourself from. This class will be a lot about trust, communication, and listening. The spotters will be key to the success of flyers finding new freedom from their bases. We will do transitions with no hands and even learn how to have the base become freer from the ground. Prerequisites; free star 30 sec, free shoulder stand 10 sec

9) Stronger & Stranger Things 2  Rachel Plies & James Sitzer

Acrobatic/ Advanced

James “Ta-Dao!” Sitzer and Rachel Plies have been longtime stalwarts of the Portland acro scene. They’ll be sharing their unique take on the strong flier/solid base acro that is popular in the Pacific Northwest. If you like AcroAsana and AcroGasm, you'll love Stronger & Stranger Things. Strengthen yourself and your practice with unusual acro asanas and tricky transitions, broken down into accessible pieces. We've developed some new dynamic spins and combined them with our love of strong asana-based balances to create an amazing new flow. Fly like a Valkyrie and base like a beast.

Prerequisites: base/fly monolimb reverse star, sidestar, biceps stand, reverse tuck sit, asym sit, thinker, foot-to-hand, free shoulderstand, excellent spotting technique.



10) Dynamic F2H and H2H    Tom and Ayla



11)  The  Tiger meets the Dragon ..( a joint mobilization workshop) Gwyn Williams 
Within Chinese Medicine, the metal element is represented by the white tiger, precise, strong and pure whilst the wood element is represented by the Emerald dragon, abundant, flowing and generous. This gets played out within our physical, psychological and energetic beings. It is a relationship that dictates our harmonious flow within and out, within our surrounding environment and has a large impact on the health of our joints.
In this class, we take a good structural and energetic look at the shoulder joint.
Discover a simple yet very effective Thai massages sequence that deals with this troublesome joint.

 Embrace the depth of Chinese medicine as we free-flowing movement to harmonize the liver and its role towards tendons and ligaments.

 Invite the strength and sensitivity of the tiger to allow the free flowing dance of a happy dragon.

Yoga asana and Bodywork with Chinese medicine  



Saturday Mini Sessions   11:30-12:15pm 

Mixed Movement Arts "Move Like a Ninja 101" Pat Underwood

Intro to Tumbling- Andrew Halford

Break Dancing - Nosa  & Mendel

Acro Chats-  Sarah Kim  & Ezra LeBlank  

Acro Comedy  Raja Sabra


Saturday Session 2  2:00pm-4:00pm 

1) Giraffe Flow Part 2    Amy Impellizzeri & Eddie Salguero

Acrobatic/ Beginner 

Learn a flow that will connect various poses into a fun,  fluid flow. Creative transitions for the base, flier and spotter. 

Prerequisites: none 

2) Queer & Trans AcroYoga- An inclusive space for LGBTQIA+         Bee Tsuchen   

Do you identify as queer, trans, or part of the LGBTQIA+? This is a space specifically designed for you! Not only will we talk about how to make acro spaces more inclusive, but we will also explore fun trust-building exercises, and learn creative transitions between poses that are accessible for all- levels of skill! Let's co-create a safe space to explore and share our common and unique experiences within the greater acro yoga community!

Prerequisites Open heart and willingness to learn, play and explore. Need to identify as LGBTQIA+


3) Everything you wanted to know about Reverse Star   Susan Holland  & Davide DiCenso

Acrobatic / Beginner

Reverse Star represents one of those transitional poses in a student’s practice that often sets an intermediate acro yogi aside from a beginner one. The lack of 4 distinct and independent support points (like in Star) and the need for the base to provide full support for the flyer only with their legs, make this pose challenging. In this class beginner, students will learn entrances, exits, and transitions to and from Reverse Star. Emphasis will be placed on safe and accurate spotting, on flyers moving from the core and bases achieving more stable and smarter leg movements.   Prerequisites: Star


4) I Got Mono!    Susie and Nosa Edebor

Acrobatic/ Intermediate

We got a sickness and the only cure is MORE ACRO! Join resident practitioners Nosa and Susie of Nosie Yogi as we play with the midline. Playing to unlock mono limb postures as well as build strength, balance, and patience for both base and flyer Through an original washing machine that won't make you ill. The fun is super contagious though.

Prerequisites: Star, Reverse Star, Shoulder stand


5)  Rock your Croc    Tatiana Sanchez  & Steve Machalek

acrobatic/ Intermediate

Prepare to have your view of Croc flip on its head.  It this class, we will discover fun, unique ways to enter Crocs and learn where Crocs can take us.   We will find the ease and grace by tightening up alignment, practicing proper grips, and exploring motions that travel through this challenging posture.

Prerequisites: Croc, Star, Reverse Star, Foot to Hand, Side Star


6) AcroAsana        Jaimie Harrow, Ariel Mihic,  & Crystal Hatzmichael 


Once again AcroAsana is here to elevate your yoga practice. With inspiration drawn from mat-based sequences, we will elevate your asana and definitely challenge you along the way. Precarious balance, feats of strength - only your breath will save you!

Prerequisites:  Comfort with free star, foot to foot, bicep stand


7) Not your everyday Icarian Coral Crawford & Lisa Eckert

Acrobatic /Intermediate

Not your everyday Icarian (and other things that POP)

This class will introduce a variety of oddities in the world of Icarian and beyond. Learn to pop and catch on planes and surfaces you might not normally think to work with. Whether you're new to the world of Icarian or an experienced practitioner, we've got something to intrigue and challenge you. Prerequisites a strong L-base practice, straight leg Icarian pops, bird to bird pops with a release of contact


8) If You Build it, it will come  Devon French and Millissa Greenwood

acrobatic/ Int/ Adv

This class will focus on building our practice from the connection we have with our partner. We will build into an intricate and challenging balance based flow.

The flow will challenge any level of practitioner and we love to see different bodies working through our flows!

Prerequisites Rev star, foot 2 foot & shoulder stand


9)  Human-Mouse Trap          Flips Ohulahan  & Andrew Halford


We will take large groups and turn them into a well-oiled people tossing machine. going from L-base to mid height to standing height spin them around and bring them back to the floor. imagine mousetrap the game mixed with human crowd surfing and acrobatics. 10 person washing machines of different heights, levels, if you will.

Prerequisites: familiarity with lbase pops, working together is a must. flying or basing standing h2h would be helpful but not necessary.


10)   Stable base Lower back power Gwyn Williams 

This hinge joint when the lumbar meets the sacrum can be our best friend or our worst enemy . Where the sacrum meets the pelvis is another interesting conversation. To allow this foundation area be our best friend we need to understand it in a structural and energetic way and have an ongoing friendly conversation. In this class will be simple and effective asana, creative partner flows and therapeutic bodywork sequences to say hello to the lower back, your new best friend. This stability and flexibility is the primal foundation in allowing free movement and solid grounded relationship with the world around us and within. 



Saturday Session 3   4:15-6:15pm 

1) Dynamic Acrobatic Conditioning       Caitlin  

Acrobatic/ beg/int.

The intention with this workshop is to put people through an ideal conditioning session that will prepare their body and their partnership for dynamic acrobatics.  Learn safe and intuitive skill breakdowns that serve as conditioning and higher level dynamic preparation.

Prerequisites Come with a partner or group./ A desire to work hard!


2)  Avoid injury with proper body mechanics   Liz & Max Lowenstein 

Acrobatic/ All levels

Learn how to move your bodies efficiently and safely under load (aka another human). There is no right or wrong way to acroyoga, so let’s prepare our bodies to handle whatever they need and find the style that will allow us to play into old age. No fancy tricks here - unless you consider scapular, spinal, and hip integration fancy *wink*

Prerequisites Positive attitude and open mind


3) Consensuality Flow   Mary Aranas Acrobatic / Open

Consent is sexy - we all agree on that. But going around verbally asking for consent every moment is unrealistic, not to say not fun. How do we settle this? Join us for a workshop on touch skills, nonverbal communication, and flow. Refining our sensitivity skills to communicate through eyes, touch, and breath, this workshop will make you a better communicator, thus a better and happier acro partner. We draw on movement concepts from contact improv, wheel of consent, acro, and other modalities to refine physical communication, and the moment of consent. This leads into a free-flowing acro sequence where we put those skills into practice. Slowly building our understanding of touch we then experience it in an acro flow, playing with being creative and reading our partners “on the fly” both metaphorically and physically.

Prerequisites: Bring your basing/ flying/spotting skills so as to refine them. This is not an Intro class. Some poses to bring: Bird, Straddle Bat, Stars, Sidestars, Shoulderstands, BackFly, Thrones, Shins. And transitions between them.


4)  Triolicious 3.0 Bassam Kubba, Mendel Romanenko and Danimal Bridge

If two heads are better than one, then three heads are even better!

Mendel & Bassam are joining forces with Colorado finest teacher Danimal. They will share their passion for the trio Acro Yoga practice! Come and learn hot trio poses, transitions and progressing into trio flow! Yes, a trio flow.

This workshop would be full of fun, sass and collaborative material you will learn how to create a medley of amazing three-person poses and counterbalances all woven together to create smooth transitions. you will stick different style of poses from belly basing,L basing and Standing! Be prepared to have a huge smile on your face!   If you like Acro then this class for you.


5) Oh how the pendulum swings! The Same size playshop           Danya Davis & Bee


Too mid? Too small? Too big? This workshop will embrace you as you are!

Whether you are mid and mighty, small and mighty, or big and mighty if you have the desire to both base and fly (and spot) this session is for you!

Come to play with continuous dynamic transitions from basing to flying!

We will cover cartwheel tick rock spins, seamless reverse stars, never-ending bird pops and more…the possibilities are endless and you will have the opportunity to co-create same size pendulums of your own!

Prerequisites: Reverse Star, Thigh Stand, Cartwheel tick tocks, Bicep Stand


6)  AcroDance   Jessica DeLeo & Aaron Tremper


AcroDance is only the most fun thing ever in the whole world. If you're not a dancer, don't worry, this is AcroDance, acrobatics, so you don't need a dance background, just the desire to move. When you see someone dancing and you're like, "holy crap! What did they just do," that wow move, that's AcroDance. Acrobatic dance moves are applicable to all forms of dance and we have a ride range of styles covered, some are spinny, some flippy, some cartwheely, and all awesome and fun to do!

Prerequisites: strong acro background is required and the ability to lift your partner overhead easily and repeatedly.


7)  Toledo Twist  Chris Loebsack & Brian Davis 


This workshop breaks down washing machines with some unique twists and turns. Many moves will focus on asymmetrical moments. We also focus on moves that require more flexibility from the bases and more strength from the flyers.

Prerequisites: Shoulderstand, Back Flying & Straddle Throne


8) Rolls, Flips, & Airborne Transitions Serena Tang, Natalie Brewster Nguyen & André Newman

Acrobatic/ Intermediate

Explore partner flips, rolls, interchanging partner roles, and dynamic mounts & dismounts. Fusing the

energy and fluidity of Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art, with acrobatic movement, this workshop will focus on airborne transitions as well as creative, non-L-basing shapes and counterbalances.

Prerequisites: cartwheel on the ground, cartwheel to straddle bat, 2 high, supported handstand


9 ) Finding Joy in the Asymmetry   Britta Rael & Lauren Clausen


Left hand on foot, the Right hand where? Working with asymmetric poses can feel a bit like playing Twister! These poses have the extra challenge of using two different points of contact at the same time. In this workshop, we'll play with transitions in and out of "asym" poses while building interesting shapes along the way.

Prerequisites: Foot to Shin, Shin to Foot, Tuck Sit, R Star


10)  Science Lab: the Science of Acro Flow:  Kayna Cassard & Dominick Cole 

Acrobatic/ Advanced 

This advanced class is a 2-for-1! Not only will we teach a creative flow, but students will also get a science course on the practice of AcroYoga, bringing the practice to a deeper level.  A licensed psychotherapist and a yoga instructor team up to help students build a foundation for deeper connection and more fulfilling play.  Students will learn the science that is foundational in building trust, intimacy, communication, closeness, and play through the instruction on the unspoken language of body movement, partner calibration, and intuitive self-awareness.  Most importantly, the class will be instructed on developing safety in one’s own body as well as in partnership with a focus on the neuroscience of nervous system regulation.



Sunday Session 1 9:30-11:30am 

1)Intro to Popping    Hobs

Acrobatic /Beginner

Bases learn to toss and catch your friends and flyers learn to be light and floaty. Pops are a wonderfully fun and playful way to practice AcroYoga. Join us and begin your journey into the magic of Pops!

Prerequisites:  Strong muscles, healthy joints, willing to spot, work as a team and communicate kindly.


2) The More You Know: a performance flow    Kelly Marburger & Eric Sipes

Acrobatic/ Intermediate

We will work through a flow inspired by some of our own performances that intertwines intermediate standing acrobatics with some fun performance transitions. You'll also have an opportunity to mix up the skills to create your own unique flow.

Prerequisites: Base or fly standing bird


3) New and Forgotten Stuff    Chelsey and Jason Magness

Acrobatic /Intermediate

AcroGasm has become known for new and cutting-edge Acro.  But what happens to the drills and moves that never quite make the tour each year.  We'll look at a few of our favorites that we've kept hidden over the years and a few that were never quite understood because they were ahead of their time.



4) Funky Washing Machines   Sariah Papaya & Reno Gorman

Acrobatic/ intermediate

(Teaching new L- based washing machines that build off intermediate skills like barrel rolls, flat spins and rotisseries high and low. Students will learn creative sequencing, fun transitions and how to build their own silly machine)

"Have you flown an Eleanor Roosevelt? How about a Lyndon B. Johnson? I'm sure you’ve never seen a Martin Van Buren in full effect! These are machines written from the twisted brains of Circus Punks Reno and Sariah of The Handstand Nation.  These are a strong base, strong flyer machines not for the weak or easily offended. Let The Handstand Nation teach you how to properly roll an Eleanor and impress your friends with tricky washing machines they’ve never heard of. We like to spin, we like to roll..be ready to go fast!!"

Prerequisites: Side-star in your sleep, Ninja Star...are you kidding me, you better. Swearing, animal noises, barrel rolls, playful spirit and ridiculous mind. Open heart optional.  


5) Mixed Bag of Transitions   Lori Sheppard    & Brian Yuel 

Acrobatic/ Intermediate A collection of transitions including cartwheel entry/exit, side star & star transitions. Tempo and pops will also be featured.


6) Spinning & Popping Magic!   Danya Xena & Elliot Fantastic Mr. Fudge

Acrobatic/  Intermediate

Acro SuperHeroes Danya Xena & Fantastic Mr. Fudge will take you on a journey of super-powered spinning and popping fun in this action-packed workshop. Learn how to co-create and work together to make your spins faster and your pops smoother weaving it all into a seamless spinning and popping machine! For the same size in tempo spinning and poppy machines to work easily and effortlessly both base and flyer need to coordinate, contribute and connect: we will uncover the ‘technique and timing magic' behind these co-created dynamic movements.

Skills Covered: flat spin and more! leg pops, hand pops, techniques to co-create fast spins and smooth pops.

Prerequisites:propeller, star with base presses, reverse star with base presses, ninja star, basic experience with hands-free side star and pops a bonus.  • Attitude - listen well, open to feedback and trying different techniques, ability and desire to 'play nice with others' and excited about super Hero Spotting :)


7) Threesomes, Foursomes, & Moresomes   Joe Yonek, Micki Mooney & Jeremey Martin

Acrobatic/ Intermediate

Laugh, play, explore and mostly have fun while learning to build a flow of poses using gobs of your friends to build the pile higher and deeper!


8) Strong Base + Strong Flyer Present "A Few of Our Favorite Things” Scott Cooper & Jaimie Harrow


We will explore the precarious, the difficult, the seemingly impossible in this workshop designed to highlight a series of static L-basing poses for you to integrate into your practice. Bring your strength and your courage...and a darn good spotter!

Prerequisites: Comfort with all the normal intermediate and advanced L-basing poses: croc, reverse star, mono limbs. Familiarity with hand to hand and levers suggested.


9) Get Your Flip On!     Melanie Ladybase and April Snow

Acrobatic / advance

Love to go upside down? Learn some flips and pops that will turn your life upside down. Learn how to Swan Dive Reverse Throne, as well as flippy fun exits!

Prerequisites  Swan Dive, comfort at whips.

10) Icarian Tempo Passes Aaron Lind & Christine Moonbeam


Putting Icarian skills in sequence (Tempo)adds degrees of challenge that require high levels of precision from base and flyer. In this class, we'll teach precision-building drills and build into some super fun Icarian flows!

Prerequisites: Familiarity with single Icarian skills: Bird to Throne, Throne to Bird, Throne to Foot to Foot, Bird to Reverse Throne


11) Wood & Water therapeutics    Elizabeth Burris, Justin Blazejewski, and Matt Worley

Take a little journey into the wood & water elements of Chinese medicine.  

You will get an overview of these Elements & associated meridian lines, we will move individually & with a partner before we get to the floor and learn to give and receive a bodywork sequence designed to balance wood & water


Sunday Mini Sessions  11:30-12:15pm 

Intro to Cheer- Zachary Cohen

Handstands: TBD

Acro Chats: Ezra LeBank, Danya Davis  & Natalie Brewster Nguyen 

Acro Comedy  Raja Sabra 

Principles of Healthy, Respectful Manhood: Andre Newman  


* Encourage discussions between masculine-identified folks addressing our patriarchal behaviors as they relate to boundaries in our interpersonal relationships and Acro Yoga training/play spaces

* Educate each other, challenge ourselves, self-evaluate to find internal healing to eventually create transformation towards masculinity that does not contribute to the patriarchal system we live in

* Actively work to create a culture of accountability and consent to challenge norms that lead to patriarchal violence 


* Race and Intersectionality Matter

* Community accountability is key to ending violence against women and others affected by patriarchy 

* We are the work (be sure not to distance ourselves from the work and recognize how we must take up these issues in our own relationships)

* Patriarchal violence (male dominance) must be addressed 


Principles of Healthy, Respectful Manhood

1. Emotion  2. Nonconformity  3. Value   4. Language   5. Interest 


What are the boundaries?    What do boundaries do?          Why do we need them?           Why are they important to maintain?


Sunday Session 2 2:00-4::00pm 

1) Beginner Transitions Galore  Susan Holland & Davide Dicenso


It's transitioning time! Have you been doing acroyoga for less than a year and struggling with transitions between poses? These dynamic movements can be tricky and where bone stacking doesn’t help, an excellent technique is mandatory! Join us for this class and you will learn how to make transitions more effortless. We will be working on moves such as prasarita twist, walking to and from a throne, tipping into shoulderstand and rotating into and out of star. Prerequisites:  bird, throne and straddle bat


2) Handstand Techniques and Drills   Cassie Drew & Ryan Hamity

Acrobatic/ All Levels

Are you interested in learning the proper acrobatic technique for a handstand?  Are you wanting to just learn how to get up onto your hands safely? Maybe you know how to balance on your hands already but have no idea how to train in order to continue leveling up your practice.  This class will focus on alignment of a straight body handstand. We will cover some of our favorite drills for finding and strengthening your handstand line. You will walk away from this class with the knowledge of how to structure your own personal handstand training routine as well as with specific drills to continue improving your handstand skills, wherever they are at.  

Prerequisites: 30-second plank hold, 30-second hollow body hold, comfortable entering a handstand with a spotter or at a wall.


3) Five Principles of Acrobatics  Raquel Hernandez-Cruz & Sam Salwei

Acrobatic/  Beginner

Have you ever wonder about an easy way to advance in your acro practice? The YogaSlackers have developed a list of Principles that will allow you to take any flow, washing machine or static pose and dissect its parts to make easier, cleaner and much more fun.  

Come to learn how to move with grace, neatly and smoothly and develop a deeper Acro practice. All levels welcome.  You can never refine your fundamentals enough!

Prerequisites: Desire to learn


4)  Intro to Standing Hand 2 Hand    Valteri Rantala & Aya Kristina Engel

Acrobatic/ intermediate

So you've had some experience L-basing hand 2 hands, and you want to learn how to take it to standing?  With many spotters and safe progressions, this class can offer you your very FIRST standing hand 2 hand! You never forget your first!


6 ) Conveyor Belts          Debbie Collis and  Jacob Brown

Acrobatic/ Intermediate

In Conveyor Belts bases lay in a line while flyers move down the line from base to base. In this class, participants will explore many different conveyor belts.  Some are like Catherines Wheels. Many are like familiar washing machines but move from base to base. Participants will learn how to l-base in a new way.

Prerequisites: Shoulder Stand, Reverse Shoulder Stand, Foot to Hand, Reverse Foot to Hand, Catherines Wheels, Reverse Catherines Wheels, Star & Reverse Star

7) Hands and Feet and Spinny Things Scott Cooper and Lauren Clausen 



8) Playing with Needles Danny and Aniane Smith

Acrobatic/  Advanced

Needles, they can be sharp and dangerous! But when used correctly they can be quite useful, and some would say even fun to play with. Let us show you all the possibilities.

Prerequisites:Bases should be able to hold a flyer in super free shoulder stand/needle for at least 10 seconds. Flyers should be comfortable in a needle and able to move around slowly while teetering on the edge of bases hands.

Both: A good attitude and not afraid of needles


9) Risqué: all the stuff we never teach cause it’s too dangerous  Heidi Blais and Jill Campbell

Acrobatic / Advanced

This workshop will ask for your utmost attention and stealthiest spotting. Head balanced, handstands on teetering platforms and seemingly impossible floats will form part of this offering. We’ll give you the best ways to spot and stay safe in these movements that push your comfort levels.

Prerequisites: Highly attuned body awareness, ability to hold a tripod headstand, spotting like a champ.


10) Dynamic Hand 2 Hand   Tom & Alya



Prerequisites: tempos in h2h and f2h; Kurbet, cascade and more


Sunday Session 3 4:15-6:15pm 

1)Letting Go.Shoulder therapeutics  Gwyn Williams

This class is bringing clarity to the shoulder joint through a structural and energetic lens. Discover ways to refine your asana practice to support this reactive joint. Explore partner yoga as a fun way to strengthen and stretch. Learn a simple bodywork sequence engages the powerful shoulder with newfound blood and energy (Ki) .


2) Thai from Head to Toes  Kelly May Fly & Sam

Why massage one body part when you can massage them all? Come to enjoy a big squish party to address all the parts that got worked this weekend. Big focus on asking for what you want and making things feel even better.


3) Relax Bossy  Ezra LeBank

Therapeutic / Intermediate

Relax bossy takes therapeutics and flips them upside down. This sophisticated system places the base as a structure that the "flyer" massages themselves on. Lots of tips and tricks to make this the bossy- est therapeutics around.

Prerequisites: Enough familiarity with therapeutics to be comfortable with some improvisation.


4) Creating a sustainable HS practice - incorporating physical therapy into your training 

Liz Williams         Therapeutic/ All levels

This workshop will focus on injury prevention strategies for the shoulders and wrists.  You will learn the basics of shoulder stability and mobility, and how these concepts impact the health of your wrists. After doing a few simple movement tests we will review my favorite flexibility and strength drills, so that you leave the workshop with an understanding of how to train handstands with intelligence and longevity.  I've been a physical therapist since 2005 and an acrobat since I was six, so I've got a few ideas on how to stay in this practice over the long term.


5) Chiro Fly       Jason Nemer


I have flown many chiropractors and other healers and they all agree that therapeutic flying is a magical tool to give the spine mobility and help it find its optimal alignment. The ability for us to use simple principles of breath, traction and twisting can help our friends release spinal tension. Come in support of your friends and their spines. Happy spine = Happy life

Prerequisites: must be a vertebrate with an endo-skeleton with some basing experience


6) Therapeutics for You!   Elizabeth Burris & Justin Blazejewski

Come get that tush relaxed with some high flying Thai and prone bodywork. We will dive into some ninja twists, hip openers, and shake out tension built up in the rear.

7) Drill the Chill, Therapeutics with a twist  Linda Mittel & Jeff Mandell

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Unleash your playful nature while learning to relieve the body’s tensions.  We will focus on wrists, neck, and shoulders since lots of unusual grips and handstanding may be your current gripe. We’ll share techniques to rescue lower backs, shoulder blades and lower limbs as well. We’ll break it down to build you up to twist and float in the delight of therapeutic flights’ lasso of truth and love for this practice. Through partnered asana, shared unique Eastern-inspired techniques, sweet flight levitation and effective Thai bodywork, Jeff Mandell and Linda Mittel will Drill the Chill and surely leave you deliciously invigorated, refreshed and desiring more.


8)   Anatomy of AcroYoga: Shoulder Movement, Mechanics and Care  Chris Loebsack

(acrobatic/therapeutic)  Combination Acro-Peutics All Level

Students will be guided through an anatomical understanding of the scapula humeral rhythm of the shoulder. The session will work through mechanics of the shoulder with a variety of yoga and acroyoga movements to help all acrobats maintain happy and healthy shoulders. Students will gain a greater understanding of how to align their shoulders in acrobatic and therapeutic moves for stability within a functioning range of motion.

Prerequisites: A desire to understand your body and a willingness to explore


9) Breema  Denise Berezonsky

Connecting to the Harmony in This Moment

Explore how doing Breema bodywork with another person can deepen your relationship with your own body and increase your connection with yourself, with others, and with all life.  We'll learn a complete Breema sequence
that will relax not only your body but  your mind and feelings
as well
. Breema's natural movements are nurturing and energizing, supporting both partners to let go of tension in body, mind, and feelings.


10) The Art of Giving and Receiving  J Miles 

Thai Massage is a living tradition in which the practitioner uses thumbs, hands, elbows, knees, and feet. These tools are used to compress muscles, aid in offering gentle traction, stimulate acupressure points, and to move and stretch the body. This releases tension creates space and allows room for the healing in the body. The recipient lies comfortably offering no aid, allowing the practitioner to offer the energy and bodywork to whatever areas of need. At the beginning and end of each session is an offering of Metta - Loving Kindness - and an encouragement of all thing positive to be present in the healing environment. 


In order to help facilitate and initiate the healing process, the practitioner must be aware of his or her own body, breath, movement and energy. Movements are subtle, yet the practitioner can be physically demanding. Along with learning how to offer comfort to those we love, this workshop aims to help the “giver” learn to move with grace and alignment, literally being in asana practice, while administering the Thai Yoga. With proper technique, compassion, and intuition, a healing session becomes therapeutic for both giver and receiver.