Duo Die Intensive | Oct 1-3rd 2018 

with  Caitlin and Dane 

Acrobats!! Don’t miss your chance to train with Duo Die!  Come to Divine Play early and spend three days working technique, building new skills, and getting a deeper understanding of what it takes to progress in Partner Acro! We will be playing with everything from L-basing, dynamic Icarian, F2H, H2H, functional training ideas and more!  

To get the most out of this workshop, we ask participants to be able to do:

-plank (bird) straight throw

-supine F2H without a spotter 

-comfort in 2 high

-45 second handstand hold on the wall (flyers and bases!) 


All levels will be facilitated

**You must come with a partner or group to work with. 



**Sign up to the pre con and receive your first month free to Duo Die's online Subscription program**


Duo Die has developed a monthly subscription training program to help give structure to your current training. The program is in a ‘general format’, based on a plethora of drills that will translate to multiple skills. Each month you will receive a few new skills to train (with variations for different levels) that will challenge you and help you build a better understanding and foundation of partner acrobatics.  One of the most critical steps you need to take, to better your acro, is consistency in training. Our program allows you to train as much or as little as you like. These skills can be used at the start or end of your training day, or you can pick and choose where to put them. The goal here is to maximise the training that you love, while adding a bit of structure to help strengthen the foundations which are the building blocks to advancing your practice.