Help the world reconnect

through the power of AcroYoga.

In this past year of pandemic isolation millions of people have realized that
nothing can replace in-person connection.
When this storm passes, humanity will need the tools of movement, connection and play
to rebuild the social bonds that keep us healthy and nourished. 
If you love what AcroYoga has brought to your life and want to share that with others,
we are ready to support you.
The world is desperate for connection and now is the perfect time to become an AcroYoga Teacher.
Come learn the art of co-teaching as you refine and expand your practices in yoga, acrobatics and therapeutics—
all while investing in your relating and communication skills.
TT Pre Reqs

BALI: March 11-24, 2024

This level 1 Teacher Training will take place at the The Mansion Resort in Bali, Indonesia.

March 11-24, 2024

Lead Teacher: Pascal Weis

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What's at the core of AYI Teacher Trainings?

Co-Teaching Philosophy

This unique features sets our Trainings apart from other Acro schools.

With over 1,000 Teachers in 60+ countries, you’ll be part of the largest world-wide network of high-level practitioners on Earth! 

Get ready to meet the amazing humans who will move you, complement you, and continue to lift you up. We're talking friendships and partnerships that last a lifetime.

Progressive Curriculum

Our teaching methodology draws on the wisdom from yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage.

We have distilled this wisdom into a progressive methodology that creates an accessible, fun path for students to reach challenging goals with a strong foundation.

When you understand how to build skills step-by-step, you will truly empower every student to access their potential.

Teaching Mastery

Beyond the fancy poses, we dive deep into how to support your growth as a Teacher.

AcroYoga Teachers are great leaders, adept in reading the energy, needs, safety, and challenges of any group.

Your ability to lead a group (anywhere from an AcroYoga class to a corporate meeting) will be honed and refined, and your upgraded communication skills will serve you in every environment.

Why AcroYoga International?

Fulfill your Pre Reqs

What is the process of becoming an AcroYoga Teacher?



"Laura, Oliver, and Mimi planted seeds of knowledge during the training I will be sharing for a lifetime. Learning to co-teach was an amazing experience and invaluable challenge. I got to build relationships with incredible people from all over the world during the training. I know I will be seeing these faces again and activating these connections for life."

MEGAN HALIGOWSKI, Certified AcroYoga Teacher

"AcroYoga has flipped my perspective and opened me up to expansive new perspectives. Becoming an AcroYoga Teacher has given me a great sense of belonging to something bigger: a network of radiant and inspiring people who are bringing joy, laughter, connection and empowerment through movement and play. I couldn’t have chosen a more satisfying path than that of an AcroYoga Teacher."

JULIA WEISCertified AcroYoga Teacher

"Super inspiring, kind and supportive team of teachers. Each teacher brought their own strengths and qualities that complemented each other. It felt like a safe space to be open, vulnerable, explore, and refine my practice and teaching."

AcroYoga Int'l Teacher Training Participant, Berlin 2017