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Amelia Johnson

Move. Connect. Play

I first saw Acroyoga at Burningman and it felt like my jaw hit the floor. I just stood there, frozen, watching these people do this AMAZING thing!  It was like I had fallen into a Cirque du Soleil Show.  I was so sure that I wouldn’t ever be able to do it but I couldn’t stop watching.

This wonderful woman saw me and asked if I wanted to try. I protested that there was no way I could do it. I had very limited flexibility, little strength, and no training in anything like it.

She assured me it was not a problem and proceeded to balance me on her feet and hands. We went through some introductory poses, then some therapeutic moves. It felt amazing! I was FLYING!

Over time I got stronger and more flexible, as one would expect from a physical practice, but the thing I didn’t expect was the welcome to the wonderful international community. I meet up with communities everywhere I go, making friends with awesome people everywhere. 

 I am now a certified instructor and I run regular classes and workshops around Ottawa. I love sharing this practice with my home city and being a part of growing our community. 

I love to jam, play, and be silly. Costumes and glitter are pretty fantastic too!
I am working on a masters in Geomatics and remote sensing. Acroyoga helps to balance the computer time. 

I hope to get the chance to play with you!