Why I like Acroyoga

It's beautiful when people (re-)discover the joy of moving their body and of playing with friends. When their awareness expands, when two move as one body and one mind. When you grow together, with your friend or in a group.

Acroyoga asks your full Presence. It's not so much about 'getting' a pose or transition, make it look pretty or being strong/flexible. Sure technique and form matter. However, at the very foundation lies your ability to uplift another human and yourself. Needs are a thing of the moment. What does your friend truly need? What do you need right now? What can you do about it yourself, how could your friend or your group help? The process of creating Mutual joy is an adventure in itself!

I'm a Level-1 teacher

January 2016 I did the Acroyoga teachertraining.
Since then I teach locally in my city, and occasionally I have the big pleasure of assisting immersions in Europe.

If you're one of those who like to read more; there is. Visit my own website: Cham Yoga.
If you look for info about Acroyoga in Bergen (classes, jams), head to the Acroyoga Bergen website. There you also find a link to the Facebook group Acroyoga Bergen.

Behind the scenes...

I make no secret of it: I am one of the people who still learns to 'master' handstand. I enjoy to do quite some solo-training for that.
Another thing that is no secret: when I teach I quite often need to demo the basing myself - which is a little challenging with the body of a small flyer, and you planned intermediate content for an Open Level class. But I also genuinely feel basing is a whole Practice by itself, rich with challenges and fun - just like flying it gives tremendous joy, even when I'm a flyer by heart.
To condition my wrists for that, I love to do some solo-drills in a gym. If you're a nerd too, or curious, peek behind the scenes: Instagram @charlotte_is_flying.  

I'm looking much forward to share my insights - as a flyer since 2011, as a minibase where you can't get away with sloppy technique from either flyer or base. We always grow together!

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