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Esther Hertog

Come fly with me!

Esther Hertog  - FlyingAcroYogi

People often call me the Flying AcroYogi because I literally fly around the world to explore, play, and teach AcroYoga: connecting Acrobatics, Yoga and Thai Massage.

I believe that everyone can fly. In my workshops you’ll be given clear instructions and fun preparations so you will be able to base, fly and spot safely and comfortably. Just breathe and be open to play!

Teaching is really a huge passion of mine, the more people I have in front of me the more enthusiastic I become! I have years of experience teaching at festivals AcroYoga & Acrobatics workshops and facilitating the opening circles of festivals sometimes for more than 400 people. Since 2011 I'm one of the main organisers of PaasCroYoga - the Dutch kula celebration.

One of my greatest passions is Family AcroYoga. Since 2010 I have created special workshops for Parents & Kids in which we develop serious playfulness, trust and bonding.
Tatjana tFelt (Brussels), Mireia Castellsague (Barcelona) and I set up Family AcroYoga teacher trainings. The first Family AcroYoga teacher training in Europe was in June 2017. We are now collaborating with Cecilie Hyltén-Cavallius and Deven Sisler to spread the love for Family AcroYoga practice around the world. 

I am looking forward to Flying with you!

Background & Certifications 

Dutch Acrobatics is my background.
Practicing more than twelve years | My teachers Det & her many acrobatics partners from Stichting Stapel

Yoga is my savior and practice in life.
On the mat more than ten years | Certified Vinyasa teacher since 2010 | my teachers are David Lurey and Miriam Wagner from Find Balance

Thai Massage is abundance of Metta to share
Massaging more than 6 years  | Among my many teachers are Arno L’Hermitte, Natacha D’Ansembourg, Dieke Bikker and Pau Castellsagué.

AcroYoga is for me LOVE, Play & Fly at first sight
I’m a certified AcroYoga teacher since 2010 | My teachers are Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer and all my great colleagues in the Netherland.

Kids Yoga is for me positive and super playful
I am a certified Kids Yoga teacher by Mireia Castellsague since 2017

Experience teaching at Festivals:
• Dutch Acrobatics festival since yearly 2006 - acrobatics, AcroYoga and Family AcroYoga workshops
• Dutch Yoga festival since yearly 2010 - AcroYoga and Family AcroYoga workshops + opening & closing circles of festival
• PaasCroYoga - yearly Dutch Kula celebration since 2008 - AcroYoga and Family AcroYoga workshops + opening & closing circles
• Divine play - 2015 beginners workshop and assisting Det & Jim in advanced Dutch Acrobatics workshop
• Israel Acrobatics convention 2013 - beginners workshop + family AcroYoga workshop
• German Kula Celebration 2015 - intermediate and advanced workshops + family AcroYoga workshop
• Nordic festival 2016 - intermediate and advanced workshops
• and more! |

Events by Esther

Family Acroyoga Teacher Training

Sep 21 - 27