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Justin Bench

Move. Connect. Play

Justin Bench embodies a lifetime of dedicated practice in the martial arts, yoga and massage. As a certified AcroYoga teacher he specializes in cultivating precision and strength, whilst also empowering sensitivity and receptivity. Justin shares his practice as a lifestyle of service.

Justin Bench grew up near Santa Cruz, California, where he began studying yoga in 1999 while studying for his bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology at UC Santa Cruz. Justin earned his certification in Warrior Yoga in 2005 through an apprenticeship program, and now has experience teaching in yoga studios, universities, and with at-risk youth. In February of 2008, Justin began the study of AcroYoga under Juan Pablo Restrepo while living in Quito, Ecuador. Justin led the practice group in Quito between visits and workshops from Juan Pablo until he earned his AcroYoga certification in September, 2010. 

In addition to yoga, Justin studies mixed martial arts and massage as complimentary disciplines. He holds a black belt in Quantum Jujitsu, a purple belt in brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and is certified in Restoration Massage Therapy. Justin graduated from the Monterey Institute of International Studies with a Masters Degree in Public Administration (2007). Since then he worked with SNV, a Dutch social enterprise in Latin America and their partner organization, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development to promote economic inclusion through innovative business models.