Kevin Juang

it will be fine if you don't do it. But it will be change your life if you try it

I'm a Acroyoga teacher from Taiwan Taipei. I first started acroyoga in the park at the spring on 2015. Since then it has been an fabulous life changing experience. I met a lot of really cool people during this period of time. After joining the elemental immersion, I started to work on my road to become a certified teacher.

Now I currently base in Taiwan Taipei and work on building up the community in the local. I started a small acroyoga studio on the Sept. of 2017. I believe growing a acroyoga community needs a place where provide regular class and place to jam and practice. If you happen to come to taipei, come play with us! We are more then welcome for meeting acroyogis around the world. If you are a acroyoga teacher and wants to cooperate any classes or workshop, I'm more than happy to co-create it and make it happen!! 

I currently also started a youtube channel. Mainly all in Chinese. I hope to let acroyoga spread to people around Taiwan! I will be more than glad receiving any support or suggestion 

I do base and fly. Small base, big flyer. But in that way I get to practice both. Don't forget to find me out If you come to Taiwan! 

我是在台灣台北的雙人瑜珈老師。2015年第一次接觸雙人瑜珈,至此便深深喜歡上這個運動。在參加完elemental immersion之後 ,開始決定走向師資的道路。



我Base 和fly都會。歡迎來找我一起玩!!