Luka Agres

Japanero - It is good for you.

There is no way to do and to try everything that is nice and interesting in this world that surrounds us. There are too many things to do. So choose your inspiration and motivation, I have found mine in the joy of Acroyoga. After soccer, badminton, free climbing... my path came across yoga. I needed a stretch. Since then, I haven't stopped stretching my body, my mind and other people. I do this with the help of this combination: Thai Yoga massage, Yoga and Acrobatics.

In Acroyoga I found such a beautiful playground, with amazing playful people. It is a game in which even failing is a joy and fun. I want to share this playfulness. 

Recently my occupation is on one big project called Japanero. It is a product of friendship with Omananda. 
Japanero represents a lot of values in wich we believe. It contains minimum possible bullshit and a lot of transparency.
Japanero creates events worldwide. Check it on our page:

Events by Luka

Class In Berlin

Every Friday

Class In Berlin

Every Friday

Lunar Therapeutic Immersion In Lagos

Oct 25 - Oct 29, 2019

Solar Acrobatic Immersion In Munich

Nov 30 - Dec 3, 2019