At the young age of 7, Matt began studying Martial Arts. The disciplined practice of holding postures while maintaining absolute focus on the breath was strikingly familiar when he began his Yoga journey at age 24. Matt began by exploring many different styles of yoga, and practicing up to 4 times a day. He found that he gravitated towards more disciplined practices that focused on precise alignment, but he also really enjoyed styles that linked breathing and movement. Naturally, Matt's teaching style is a unique blend of alignment, breath, and movement.Matt's classes focus on cultivating mindfulness, and an attitude of loving kindness. When Matt came across AcroYoga he was thrilled to find a practice that incorporated all the aspects of yoga he loved, with the added excitement of Acrobatics and Thai Massage. AcroYoga became a place for him to explore the joy of connecting with others.

Matt Realizes he needs to update and re-write his Bio, but he is lazy and would rather go outside and play.

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