In the year 2010 traveling through Central America I practice yoga for the first time after having played from the 6 years until that time to the Rugby all the life. When I returned from that trip began to practice regularly, in January of 2011 I met Acroyoga in a class of Boris and Nina, from that moment I fell in love with the practice and never again separe.
Used to train the body the whole life with rugby the Acroyoga gave me what I was looking for since I trained my body also started to give me what I I wanted to have to do with meeting myself and listening to my inner desire to hear more and more. From 2011 to today and for the rest of my life I study Traditional Thai Medicine, I studied basic and advanced training in Argentina and attended a year to my teacher Enrique Dianti. Then from 2014, 2015 and now 2017 I travel to Thailand To study with Thai doctors that my teachers have learned. In 2012 after a year and a half of practice I went to the first teacher of Acroyoga Latino in Mexico. Since 2012 I have traveled in Europe, Asia, and South America teaching Acroyoga, i loved to expand and shear the thinks that make me happy and a better person.
And for this I feel today to continue on this path, listening to the heart is what guides me and always want to try to do my best to help those around me. Hug see you on the way

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