Doing AcroYoga makes me feel exquisitely connected and boundlessly grateful for embodiment, silliness, and loving touch. I delight in sharing this practice with other playmates. 

In 2003, I had re-constructive knee surgery, which transformed me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This painful experience birthed in me a deep passion for healing and cultivating loving kindness toward the body. I thrive by finding ways to be challenged and playfully strong, while still being deeply gentle. To me, AcroYoga is particularly joyful as a mode for simultaneous healing and play. 
I am also a committed teacher: Thai massage trainings, Chinese Medicine, lessons on the fundamental theorem of calculus, yoga, writing, you name it -- including 7 years of coaching gymnastics. I learn most deeply by teaching, and I love to learn -- so I teach a lot.
I was a gymnast for 18 years. That path transformed with my knee injury and surgery. Since then, I've been a practicing massage therapist and yogi since 2004. My first yoga love was Anusara. More recently, I've fallen hard for the deep resonance of Shadow yoga. And in 2009 I fell deeply in love with AcroYoga, and today am a Level 2 certified teacher with a variety of offerings, including Lunar Immersions and lots of handstand workshops. 

I delight in the ability of AcroYoga to shatter our self-imposed limitations, and I love to both fly and base. I teach so that everyone has the opportunity to both fly and base, with a focus on skill and desire as more powerful factors than size.
In all of my practices, I find breath and laughter to be the greatest sources of healing wisdom, and partnership to be the most profound source of reflection. It is my astonishing luck to have an abundance of inspiring partners in crime, including Sarah Vosen, the other half of
I am delighted to call beautiful Los Angeles my home, and to see our community grow and flourish. 

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