I love to play. :)

I have been practicing AcroYoga since 2011.

I am a certified AcroYoga teacher and love to share my passion for the practice with everyone that I come into contact with. I was born in Iceland and have traveled the globe from a young age. This love of AcroYoga and travel has begun to intertwine and I now travel quite a bit in order to share my knowledge with as many communities as possible.

My passion for the AcroYoga practice is driven primarily by the solar (acrobatic) side. AcroYoga became a portal for me, through which I discovered and explored multiple branches of higher level acrobatics. I have studied Dutch style acrobatics, circus performance, dance lifts and cheer-leading. I believe in blending principles from all of these styles in order to create maximum versatility in partner movement.

When not doing acrobatics, I also coach both rock climbing and snowboarding. My other passions include skydiving, adventure racing and motorcycling.

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