Begin and advance your inversion training with smart progressions developed by expert acrobats.

Discover how to break down skills and train efficiently so you can progress faster and easier.


Unlock your handstand and master every inversion along the way with priceless training keys.

Our Inversion Pyramids are a roadmap to show you how to reach Free Handstand, one exercise at a time.


Get sequences specifically designed to give you ease and success in your inversion training.

Complete sequences for both your solo and partner practices will boost your strength and body awareness.

Do try this at home.

Our Acrobatic Style Handstand Course is appropriate for beginning, intermediate and advanced students who want to learn the fundamental building blocks of a safe and strong handstand. This course will give you essential practices for the growth and longevity of your inversion practice.

Stick your handstand with the right tools.

Progressive. Strengthening. Balancing.

What You'll Get In This Course:

  • The Principles of Acrobatics
  • Warm-ups (solo + partner)
  • Alignment, Tightness and Balance Drills
  • Inversion Pyramid 1: Setting Handstand Foundations
  • The Solar Asana Sequence, specifically designed to warm you up for inversions
  • Inversion Pyramid 2: Unlocking Your Free Handstand
  • Smart Recovery + Mobility Training


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