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"AcroYoga is a movement practice that combines the balance and connection of yoga, the fitness and intensity of acrobatics, and the holistic healing power of physical therapy.

"People come to it for all kinds of reasons—they may have chronic pain and are looking for a long-term solution to manage it; they may want to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase their mobility; or maybe they want to deepen their relationships through the practice. Some do AcroYoga just to have fun!

"In Move, Connect, Play, Jason Nemer, founder of AcroYoga International, shares the core principles of AcroYoga for athletic performance and for life, as well as 10 key areas of training to build your practice: strength, flexibility, technique, balance, breath, inversions, relationships, the mind, emotional intelligence, and sustainability. He also offers specific exercises and routines for safely and effectively training in each area.

"This is a book that millions of AcroYogis around the world have long been waiting for, and one that is an essential read for high-performing athletes, business professionals, weekend health warriors, spiritual seekers, and everyday people alike."

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Build a strong foundation in AcroYoga from the comfort of your home! Our Online Foundation Course is the premier course for students that are new to AcroYoga or students who are ready to evolve and refine their practice. We have distilled the magic of AcroYoga into simple, accessible steps you can start activate right away.

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The core content of Move, Connect, Play is organized by the AcroYoga Table of Elements—a singular source of information about the poses that make up this movement language. All students will be benefited by knowing these foundational building blocks. It also features what Jason calls the ‘Noble Elements’, or the universal qualities that students develop as they practice AcroYoga. From receptivity to confidence, from front plank to handstand, no matter your level of experience this chart will help you understand the fullness of AcroYoga and take your practice to the next level.

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Jason discovered his passion for partner acrobatics at just 12 years old. By age 16 he had won silver and bronze medals at the World Championships of Sports Acrobatics. By age 21 he had realized one of his dreams by performing at the Olympic Games. In university he discovered yoga and eastern philosophy, and after being introduced to Thai massage he began fusing the key elements that would soon become this global practice. Jason has dedicated his life to AcroYoga by traveling the world to study, teach, and unite communities. His motivation is rooted in the belief that AcroYoga can empower all people, no matter their age, ability, race, or language, through fun and connection.